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“If life is a journey, then philosophy is like a compass. It helps us to find our way through the jungle of possibilities that life presents”. This is the first sentence you’ll read in the ‘about’ section of a website I found, called: The Big View. Editor/webmaster Thomas Knierim writes: “This website is about philosophy in the widest sense. It includes science, religion, mythology and other fields of thought that are not within the traditional scope of philosophy. However, it makes not much sense to treat these fields separately. Everything is connected. If one views anything from any possible angle, it can only increase understanding. (…) Most people are familiar with the problem of information overload. (…) is intended for the reader who wants to get an overview of a philosophical topic in a minimum amount of time”. Well, I’m not saying you should spend your entire weekend reading all the content, but it sure is interesting. And if we want to broaden our horizon and increase our (self)knowledge, then obviously a little time investment must be made. So take a look, pick a topic that speaks to you and see what it brings you. I’m sure that, like me, you will gain some new insights.

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    • focusNjoy #122: Stop searching, start finding

      Imagine you’re looking for something, but you can’t find it. Annoying. Yes. Very. But then, maybe you’re not supposed to find it. Or maybe you’re just looking in the wrong place. Or maybe… you already found it, but you don’t realize it yet. Whatever the reason is, you might want to stop searching. Why? Well think about it: as long as you’re busy searching – you’re not… finding!

      Stop searching, Start finding

      A fresh start for focusNjoy

      Dear friends, it’s been more than a year since my last post! Honestly, I needed the break. And I must say a lot of good things have happened to me in the meantime. Apart from a great time at Eyeworks Netherlands, where I worked on many new TV shows, as a Senior Creative at the Program Development Team, it have been exciting times for me personally as well. Too much to tell you in one post. But I will share as much as I can the coming months, because it’s been truly transformational.

      I’m planning on a brand new start of focusNjoy at the end of April. And this time, I intend to actually make some money haha – because running an ad-free blog is great, but from a financial point of view it wasn’t a success and ultimately the main reason for me to get back to television. And so I will focus on my Dutch (home country) clients more than ever. In particular my life coaching practice that I run from home. In may 2014 I intend to finally start with my group sessions in Amsterdam. I’m super excited about that. And all this means I will  write in Dutch more too for it’s simply easier at this point – but I will continue to write in English as well. Let’s see how things develop. Anway – I’m back and I’m feeling fresh. Hoping to hear from you – always feel free to send me an email and say hi!

      Love, Stijn.

      focusNjoy back 2014

      focusNjoy #121: Laugh!

      Laughing is fun, free and healthy. It lowers your stress levels and strengthens your immune system. And did you know six-year-olds laugh an average of 300 times a day and adults only 15 to 100 times? Makes you think right? No wonder grown-ups risk getting all stressed out! Lets all laugh more!

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      focusNjoy #120: You learn more having a truly open mind

      Education is a means to ‘survive’ in modern society. It gives us a frame of reference to which we all can relate. When we look closer into this frame of reference, it turns out to be a collection of rules and patterns, and modes of thinking – more or less presented like certainties on which we can build our realities. Paradoxically, in order to learn we need do let go of certainties. To make new discoveries and to gain revolutionary insights we need “think out of the box” and leave the certainties our education gave us. And is exactly that – forgetting what we know – what makes it hard to learn.

      The only thing that interferes with my learning

      focusNjoy #119: Be assured

      It’s not the situation itself, it’s how you deal with it that matters most. The glass is either half full, or half empty. But wait, no – technically the glass just is always full!

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